Exhibition Stand & Content Design.

Attracting 40,000+ visitors, the Salon International Exhibition was the perfect occasion for Alterna to engage with a global audience of professionals through an attention-grabbing exhibition stand.

Launching an overhauled product design alongside a new bonding technology range and the latest Essence Trend Collection, Alterna came to the ExCel venue in London with many stories to tell.

Designed to be a flexible canvas, the stand design featured a massive LED screen to efficiently use the precious space, combining purpose-made content with an outward-facing stage that drew in visitors, while the inside was reserved for quality conversations on a personal level.

A combination that proved hugely effective during the three-day show.


  • Digital Signage
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Stand Design
  • Video
Alterna Exhibition Stand 13

Large-format screen broadcasts Alterna’s story with minimal footprint

Alterna Exhibition Stand 16

Hands-on product presentation for a haptic experience

Alterna Exhibition Stand 15

Semi-translucent sides create a private, yet spacious-feeling interior

Planogram &

Detailed architectural visualisations were key to the design process, aligning client expectations and execution for the big show down to the smallest detail.

Alterna Exhibition Stand
Alterna Exhibition Stand 1

Bespoke Video

The massive screen was used to display a variety of bite-sized video sequences, tailored to support the Sales Team in the context of a busy exhibition. This continuous flow of relevant content drew in onlookers to create opportunity for meaningful conversations.

Alterna Exhibition Stand 4

Trends from the Essence Collection inspire the crowd

Alterna Exhibition Stand 3

Technology animations educate the professional audience on USPs

Alterna Exhibition Stand 2

Animated Product Sensorials flatter the luxurious packaging design

VIP Area.

On the inside, an inviting VIP Area gave visitors ample opportunity to escape from the hectic crowd and engage with the Alterna Sales Team, resulting in many conversations that were as fruitful as the hors-d’oeuvres and drinks from the integrated bar were delicious.

Alterna Exhibition Stand 7
Alterna Exhibition Stand 8
Alterna Exhibition Stand 9