BC FibreClinix 3D Technical Drawings

Technology Visualisations.

The Fibre Clinix product line is powered by a series of unique and ground breaking technologies. To emphasise the technological superiority of this product in an aesthetically pleasing way, Creasis worked with the R&D Lab team to develop a wide range of glorified but technically accurate technology visuals and animations.

Creasis had to establish a clear visual styling to ensure that technology claims were visualised in line with the R&D teams detailed requirements whilst also ensuring the WOW factor the marketing teams needed was achieved.

Fibre Clinix

  • 3D Motion Graphics
  • 3D Stills
  • Education
  • Product Technology Visualisation
  • Social Media


Whilst the 3D sequences created were used independently, they were also were combined with footage our team shot in Hamburg, to create larger promotional videos assembled. All of this was carried out by our in house editing team.

The end results were used across video platforms, printed assets, POS and advertising campaigns. They are now key assets for the marketing communications for this product range and give credibility to the various claims.

An array of sub edits 'snippets edits' and still images were also created in various formats including 1:1, 16x9 and 9x16, for the marketing teams to use on social media platforms.

BC FibreClinix 3D Technical Drawings
BC FibreClinix 3D Technical Drawings
BC FibreClinix 3D Technical Drawings
BC FibreClinix 3D Technical Drawings

Social Media Packages.


Creasis as a matter of course, will offer 'Social Media Packages' for clients who we are creating larger video or motion graphics projects for.

These packages offer a huge amount of additional content for use across social media platforms for little extra cost, as the assets can be incorporated into our production pipeline process, dramatically increasing your ROI!

If you need eye catching content for your next campaign, our team can advise on what can be created in parallel for you and how you can benefit from our pipeline efficiencies.