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Web Design and Development for the food portfolio of one of the UK’s most awarded artisanal Pie Makers, telling the story of Tom’s Pies to gourmet food retailers and online supermarkets who are looking to expand their offering.

Making each and every pie by hand with locally sourced ingredients from the South West of England, Tom’s Pies certainly goes the extra mile. An effort which frequently puts them on the winner’s podium of gourmet food industry awards and the shelves of national giants, such as John Lewis. We teamed up with them to launch a portfolio site to support their ambitious plans to expand their retail network and bring mouth-watering pies to even more dinner tables across the country.

Tom’s Pies

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  • Web Development
  • 3D Animation & Photogrammetry

A Character Piece
of a Website.

Ranging from Steak and Devon Blue to Spiced Cauliflower, Spinach and Lentil combinations, the taste of Tom’s Pies is far from ordinary – a quality reflected in the quirky, yet tasteful packaging design brought to life through the web design. You won’t get bored while browsing Tom’s pantry for the most delicious pies to spice up the next family dinner.

One of a Kind.

With so much thought going into each pie, it would have been a shame not to give them the same kind of special treatment online as they receive in the kitchen. That’s why each bestseller received their very own animated landing page taking the food gourmet through the pies’ flavours, ingredients and awards, before revealing their delicately steamy insides. A presentation that is hard to resist.

3D Pie Wireframe
3D Pie Textured
Butternut Squash Illustration Steak and Ale Illustration Steak and Devon Blue Illustration Cauliflower, Spinach and Lentil Illustration Lamb and Chorizo Illustration Chicken and Leek Illustration Ham Hock and Pea Illustration Mushroom and Spinach Illustration Mushroom and Chicken Illustration Turkey and Cranberry Illustration Chicken Ham Hock Leek Illustration Venison and Mushroom Illustration


Have a browse yourself but don’t be surprised if you find yourself with a fridge filled to the brim with delicious pies.

Steak and Ale packaging
Designs of website navigation
Mushroom and Spinach packaging
Chicken and Wild Mushroom packaging
Chicken, Ham Hock and Leek packaging
Lamb and Chorizo packaging
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Blond Me
BC Bonacure
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