Exhibition Stand Design / Brand Experiences / Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Web Development

Planning and execution of a technology-enhanced exhibition stand concept for Schwarzkopf Professional, which engaged visitors with its unique brand experiences on-site and post- event.

Exhibitions are all about attracting attention and giving the visitors a memorable brand experience that ultimately carries beyond the event itself. Merging traditional activities, such as live product demonstrations and photo booths, with a technology-driven strategy, we made Schwarzkopf Professional stand out on one of the biggest exhibitions of the industry, attracting 40,000 visitors.

Schwarzkopf Professional

  • Exhibition Stand Design
  • Brand Experiences
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Web Development

Stand Design.

Consisting of five touch points covering Product Innovations, Digital Services, Education and Trend Inspiration, meticulous planning was required to design the visitor experience. A clear vision of how each touch point would fit best into the brand experience and how to appropriately fit the 120m2 stand with screens, seating for sales, product displays, and more was established with the help of detailed 3D visualisations of the stand design.

Augmented Reality
Innovation Bar.

An important part of our strategy was to enable visitors to engage with Schwarzkopf Professional in new and exciting ways. Augmented Reality turned out to be a perfect fit for the Innovation Bar. Equipped with iPads to interactively explore the latest product innovations, it sparked many visitors’ curiosity and encouraged them to engage with the sales team to try the AR Experience, instead of only taking a superficial glance in passing.

Virtual Reality
Brand Experience.

The Virtual Reality Brand Experience proved to be a real crowd pleaser, attracting a steady flow of prospects to the stand to find out what it feels like to earn their very own Hairdressing Award – in the vertigo-inducing height of a skyline. Within two days, more than 500 VR Experiences were completed, and many times captured and shared with friends, increasing reach beyond the event with authentic user generated content on social media.

Photo Wall &
Lead Collection Site.

Hugely popular, the photo wall encouraged more than 1,100 groups to pose with branded merchandise to have their picture taken and uploaded to the dedicated lead collection mini site. What’s more, 52% of qualified leads later downloaded their pictures and requested to receive further information from the sales team. A perfect starting point to turn the memories made during the event into new business relationships

Interactive Sales &
Education Stations.

Showcasing the unique digital and educational services Schwarzkopf Professional’s customer can rely on, the two Sales and Education Stations equipped with iPads played an important role as conversation starters between the Schwarzkopf Professional Team and visitors.


Breaking the mould by incorporating interactive technologies into the brand experience proved to be an effective means to not only attract attention but to actively engage a large number of visitors with the brand through VR and AR. In addition, the user generated content resonated outside of the exhibition halls and the event mini site successfully encouraged the most engaged visitors to digitally revisit the memories made on the event, making the Salon International a win for thousands of visitors and Schwarzkopf Professional alike.

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